Bridal Flowers and Weddings are a match made in heaven.

Personally, I can’t think of something more romantic whether A cascade of roses or richly scented lilies. Created by ‘designers who think with their heart’ our aim is to help you make your Wedding Day SPECIAL, and surrounding yourself with flowers will certainly enchant the senses and leave you with fantastic memories.

BRIDES Think of your bridal flowers as the ultimate fashion accessory, the right blooms should compliment your outfit and add a little special something to dazzle your guests and capture your heart.  Our bouquets are ‘made to measure, ideas adapted so we can create the right style and design just for you.

Colour is usually the first thing that brides discuss with their florist. White is the classic wedding choice, pure and elegant. Pink is feminine, romantic look. Blue flowers are cool and serene. Purples are dramatic at their darkest and ethereal when they’re shades of mauve and lilac. Yellow is cheerful and positive, while orange is richer and fiery. Red is the colour of passion. Green is, of course, the colour of foliage.


Posy Style Bouquet (hand-tied)
A classic round bouquet of seasonal flowers on their natural stems. Bound with organza or satin ribbon to suit.


There are other ingredients which we can be used in a bouquet to bring that unique touch to your wedding.

In winter twigs and seed heads can look very striking. Sprays of wired beads add glamorous sparkle to a bouquet, as do feathers.

Although the stem of the bouquet serves the very practical purpose of being there to hold on to, we do like to complete the finished look with a decorative effect too. One way is to bind it completely with ribbon, fixing in place with pearl headed pins. Alternatively, it can be simply hand-tied with a bow, or even more natural with twine helping to complete the style and image you desire.

The style of your flowers is a natural extension of the rest of the wedding and help set the tone of the day.

If the occasion is going to be chic and modern, you might like flowers with a striking, architectural quality, such as calla lilies or orchids. For a more formal wedding, the popular rose posy may be what you like or a structured tdrop bouquet with lots of classic white flowers. For a country or garden wedding, a collection of garden type favouriets  loosely put together. If your wedding is fun and informal, gerberas or sunflowers may appeal.


Posy Style
(with wiring)

Round bouquet of flowers, but with wiring to create a strengthen stems. Stems/wire are bound to suit.


Vintage Posy

Informal style bouquet of flowers appears unstructured with “garden looking blooms” such as spray roses, sweet peas, ranunculus, freesias etc using seasonal flowers to create this popular style.


Teardrop Bouquet (wired)      
A fairly structured bouquet designed to graduate from the top into a tapered trail, which may be either long or short depending on the bride's taste. Often wired or sometimes hand-tied depending on the type of flowers.


Trailing Bouquet (wired)
Similar to the teardrop but with long cascading flowers creating that lovely romantic style, we wire into a posy holder which helps create a design and the flowers are hydrated all day, which keeps them in perfect condition.

Posy of Roses
Most popular bridal bloom and is available year-round in all shades of colours to suit.





You want your friends to look their best and add to the overall harmony of your wedding day.  A common colour scheme, flower type or even matching ribbon should do the trick. Most popular styles include, mixed posy style bouquets, rose posies and tdrops.



Flowers should also match the brides and bridesmaids bouquets, picking up highlights in the bridal flowers or an exact copy in a smaller version posy style bouquet. We do designer pieces like fairy wands, head bands, wrist spray or create lovely tin pail or baskets etc.



Corsages are a small collection of delicate flowers which often include spray roses and Singapore orchids.  These can be pinned to a dress and normally worn just below the lady’s right shoulder. Other options are around the wrist or attached to a handbag, at the waist line or even pinned to a hat. It is also nice to include mums/nanas etc by matching their fabric colours into the design. Corsages are different to buttonholes and are pinned with the stem pointing up.



Traditionally worn by the groom, best-man, groomsmen and is a nice way to include family members such as fathers/grandfathers/father-in-laws.  Flowers usually used are the same blooms found in the bridal parties bouquets. It’s quite popular to make the grooms buttonholes different from the rest whether in colour or style. A common question we are asked is what way to you pin on the buttonhole – the answer is flower up, stem down. Also remember it is traditionally worn on the left lapel... being above your heart! But the important thing is that all the mens buttonholes are pinned the same.


Cake Flowers

Continue your wedding floral theme with your cake flowers.  There are many different styles to choose, from small posies on top to cascading and flowing flowers down and around the cake.  These take a plain cake to a WOW cake and ties it all together.


Table Arrangements

Flowers have amazing power to transform a room, the size of your reception venue will determine the size of your floral arrangements etc. Tall table arrangements look spectacular in a large room, ballroom and high ceiling venue.  A smaller venue would benefit with smaller round table arrangement that gives you a more romantic and intimate feel.

The bridal table can also have a beautiful arrangement, a popular style for that is a long, low arrangement that cascades from the front of the table giving a very romantic look.

There are endless styles and looks that can be created for the tables and to cater for all budgets.

From vintage tea cups, to empty perfume bottles or jam jars with assorted blooms. Tin buckets or terracotta pots, maybe a shallow trough for floating flower heads or candles . Glass vases with single blooms, goldfish vases with shells or petals are beautiful, or wicker/wire baskets filled with a mass of flowers, all help to set the tones.

Arrangements needn’t be limited to tables alone. Little wreaths look good on chair backs or pillars/posts. Floral balls are a pretty idea hung from door handles. Mantelpieces, benches and long table all offer and opportunity for extravagant floral garlands.

Any design can be created with a little bit of imagination and flair, and we love achieving ‘the look’ especially for your day, as the saying goes “it is the florist who adds the finished touches to the wedding scene…”