Birth Stones

Birthstones have a place of importance in almost every ancient culture.  Traditionally, birthstones have been associated with zodiac signs.  Birthstones supposedly render legendary powers and unique personality traits to people born under the zodiac signs of their ruling planet.  Hence, wearing a particular birthstone imparts the cosmic powers of that planet to your body and mind, and brings about positive changes in your life.

Here is a list of birthstones that go for each month and their effects on the people born in that month.  The history of birthstones can be traced back to 3000 years.  Each month is assigned a birthstone, which signifies the qualities of people born in that month.  Here’s a look at the twelve birthstones and their properties.

Garnet is similar to a ruby in appearance and is found in almost all colours except blue.  A garnet has a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale.  It has a very high refractive index, which is responsible for its brilliance.  Garnet is found in abundance and is a much sought-after gemstone, for making fashion accessories.  It is considered to channel faith, consistency and virtue to the people born in January.

This is an extremely beautiful gemstone with brilliant violet colour.  It is said to possess miraculous powers and bring good luck during wars or hunts.  It is also believed to ward off the evil spirits and keep them at bay.  Besides, it also has medicinal and cleaning properties.  The colour palette of amethyst ranges from pale lilac to deep purple.  Amethyst gives sincerity to the people born in February.

Aquamarine is found in myriad hues of blue, from pale yellowish blue to deep blue. Aquamarine is very hard and the hardness ranges between 7.5 and 8 on the Mohs scale.  The price of aquamarine is directly proportional to its intensity.  It fosters feelings like sympathy, trust, harmony and friendship.

Diamond is the most precious and expensive gemstone.  It is most desirable as it is extremely luminous and rare. Colour, clarity, cut and carat are the properties which rule the appearance and durability of a diamond.  Diamonds symbolize true love, commitment and passion.

Emerald is a fascinating green coloured gemstone, desirable for the people born in May.  A fine quality emerald can be more expensive than a diamond, and hence was favoured by kings and monarchs of the past.  Emerald enhances clairvoyance, love and commitment.  They are also said to possess healing powers.

Pearl is the only gemstone formed as a result of biological activities of living creatures.  A pearl is used for making jewellery, since ages, due to its luminance and inner glow.  It symbolized beauty, love happiness and wealth.

This brilliant gemstone is most famous for its fiery red colour.  It is responsible for bringing peace and prosperity.  It also has certain medicinal and healing powers.  It stands for blood, love, romance and passion.

A green gemstone, the peridot is rightly called the ‘evening emerald’, as it resembles emerald in the glow of lamps.  During ancient times, it was taken internally for curing asthma.  It is considered as a symbol of power and influence.

Even though blue is the only colour associated with sapphires, they come in various other colours as well.  They are one of the hardest, durable minerals.  Sapphires render the qualities like clear thinking and wisdom, to the people born in September.

Opal is available in almost every shade of each colour.  From translucent to transparent and milky white to dark black, opal exhibits all the colours of the rainbow.  This vivid-coloured birthstone is said to impart hope and harmony to the people born in October.

Topaz is usually found in shades of yellow and brown.  Topaz is believed to offer long life and fidelity to those born in November.   It symbolizes beauty, splendour and joy.

Clear blue Persian turquoise is considered as one of the most expensive and precious stones in the world. Turquoise brings very good fortune and properity to those born in the month of December.  IT also promises good health and peace for these people. 

Birthstones are considered as lucky charms by many.  Wearing the appropriate traditional birthstones can heal your body and soothe your mind.  Birthstones are a great way of harnessing the cosmic power of planets and using it to enhance your living.