Balls and Events

BALL flowers
It’s the best time to go ‘all out’ with the colours, style, and bling! and what better way than customised accessories to make your outfit unique.

We do the popular wrist spray, to ladies buttionaire and men’s matching button holes, but don’t stop there…..give us some time and we can create any type of floral body art to compliment.
Pop in and discuss options with us.

EVENT flowers 
Nothing makes a room ‘come alive’ than something living like FRESH flowers.

So to help set the tone and atmosphere for your special event, whether it’s a dining event, a marketing stand, special party, don’t hesitate to call 09)2989883 or drop into the shop - share your ideas and we’ll do our very best to design something ‘just for you’ that personalizes your event.
Nothing is too small or large – we love creating….